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Spice Up Your Mai- Tai

**Video tutorial below**

Hello Everyone and TGIF,

To start your weekends off right I want to share with you my favorite Tiki Cocktail recipe:

The Spiced-Up-Mai-Tai.

Sipping on a spicy Mai- Tai transports me to relaxing blue waters where the sun slips just below the horizon, a dance of colors paints the whispy clouds, and music softly plays around the boat deck accompanied by the ocean breeze.

So what do you say, are you ready to get Spicy? Let's begin.

What you need:

Rocks Glasses

(take it a step further and chill them!)


Pineapple juice (I prefer fresh cold pressed, but canned/bottled works too)

Cranberry Juice

Spiced nutmeg

Aromatic bitters

Almond extract


Coconut Rum

Spiced Rum for a floaty (you will need your flotation devices after this one)

Now pack your glass with ice and add:

- 2 shots coconut rum

- About 2-3 shot of pineapple juice

- & (Literally) a droplet of almond extract

Shake shake shake.... shake shake shake... Shake your Mai-Tai.

And if you didn't already hear me, I really mean shake the hell out of it. I try to make my shaker steam as it gets cold and dry. My goal is to shake so hard the ice comes out crushed.

Pour the mixture back into your glass. Add a touch of cranberry juice to the top for color and extra flavor. You can also add a lemon juice squeeze, but that's not my cup of tea.

Now it's time for the floater: Add a .5 shot of spiced rum

Then splash a few drop of bitters, sprinkle your nutmeg and .... garnish before serving!

Possible Garnishes:

- Cherry

- Orange

- Pineapple

OR any thing tropical and add what ever you can fit on the glass or skewer!

Cheers from me to you on this lovely Friday afternoon. Enjoy.

- Jack


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