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About Coppola Concierge

Coppola Concierge Presents Jack Coppola

Jack Coppola 


Coppola Concierge is a company founded and led by its CEO, Jack Coppola. Coppola, who is otherwise proclaimed as the elite-Jack- of- all- trades, brings a unique twist to his luxury experience company; by offering bespoke trips by land, air or sea all arranged by one concierge service, Coppola Concierge. 

At a young age, Jack always had a passion for service and a true eye for detail. Throughout his life his passion for aviation, cars, yachts, and houses grew, but he didn’t have the funds for his own. Instead, he built a career encompassing each of his passions and as a result has integrated himself in the highly competitive Luxury Service Industry. 

After high school, Jack chose work instead of college to acquire a diverse skillset. He started his career off as a private-jet flight attendant. Since 2014 Jack has flown to a total of 168 countries servicing guests a full-food and elite beverage service. His airborne experience has allowed Jack to work on private jets of all sizes from a light citation X with no galley up to a G650ER, BBJ and Global Express jets providing an elite experience at 50,000 feet. In each trip he grew strong connections with hotels, villas, drivers and restaurateurs worldwide.

In 2015 Jack had the urge to experience yacht-travel. Jack continued to fly part-time while he attended yacht school and received his maritime certificate to work on-board Motor yachts. One of his first experiences in yachting took him to Greece, working on a super yacht as a dishwasher. He then settled, full-time, in South Florida and worked on boats ranging from 85 feet up to 512 feet in size. Coppola continued to deepen his learning as he took jobs across all departments. Jack had his eye on the top position, Chief Stew. With his incomparable talent and focused vision Coppola climbed the ladder; from Deck Hand to Steward, Second Steward even Chef, and then became Chief Stew. In each position he allowed creativity, intuition and past experiences to guide him in helping each guest have an unforgettable experience, while still managing the Yacht Crew. Jack has thrown impromptu weddings, several beach parties; he even operates Jet Skis and sport boats, he has his Boating and PWC license, to take guests water skiing and exploring off-board the yacht.  

Jack Coppola 


After living aboard yachts and traveling, for over 4 years, by sea; Jack wanted to refine his skillset to offer nothing, but the best to clients. In London, England, Jack attended a British Butler course to learn a high-class tradition. Butler School taught Jack how to run formal service and run a household. There were lessons to deepen communication, on how to read body language, on formal service, courses on sommelier and cigar service, and most importantly tips and tricks to make the impossible, possible.  Upon his graduation Jack landed a role as an Estate Manager in Wellington and Palm Beach, Florida where he worked for one year. 

At age 24, Jack was able to step back from the hustle to take a moment to envision a company that encompassed all three of his specialties; aviation, yachting and land-based experiences. Coppola Concierge was born in 2017 to serve its guests a true 5-star, luxury experience across land, sea and air travel crafted with only the client in mind. Jack Coppola continues to enhance his clients experiences, while also looking toward the future and growing above the curve. 

The mission of Coppola Concierge is to ensure the fine details will not go unmissed. Each aspect of travel will be personalized according to your needs and desires. 

Our performance and level of service will provide a level of customer service that ceases to exist anywhere else in the world today. Let Coppola Concierge take care of you and all of your travel needs, all arranged in one remarkable place. 

Jack Coppola CEO_Founder
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