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Private Jet Charter
Frequently asked questions
What is the value of a private jet charter?

The value of a private jet charter is a based on many variables, time, location, class of airplane and of course how many passengers flying. Coppola Concierge is here to offer you many flight options of course you can charter, lease, pay hourly and of course buy an aircraft and fly at your leisure. Contact us for fast flight quotes. 

See flight values here.

How do I pay for a private jet charter?

With Coppola Concierge we accept many payment methods, payment will be made upon signing the contract, wires or bank transfers are accepted during business hours of Monday-Friday 8am-5pm eastern time.

All private jet flights do require a credit card for incidentals and a charge will be held until after the flight is complete. Returning customers can pay by credit card, all credit card payments must be completed 4 days before a flight. If local to Palm Beach check or cash is accepted as well. New to 2020 Coppola Concierge now accepts Cryptocurrency 24/7. We accept and are not limited to Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other coins.

What is Cryptocurrency click here.

How fast can I get on board a jet?

Coppola Concierge is at your service 24/7, the question is how fast can you sign the contract and transfer funds? Coppola Concierge has over 15,000 private jets around the world ready to go at a moments notice. Should you wish to fly out last minute or early in the morning please do not hesitate to contact us. If the jet is ready to go we can get you boarded and in the air with little as 1 hour. If the plane has to reposition and swap out crew we can make a flight happen with in 3-6 hours. 

What is an FBO?

FBO, or Fixed Based Operation is essentially the private jet terminal, this is where you will drive up to and where the jet will meet you. There are many styles of private FBO's some allow you to drive right up to the private jet door, they will take your car and keep in a safe place. Select FBO's have very nice waiting areas, coffee, snacks, some have movie theaters and more. The FBO is detached from the main airport from the commercial terminal and is normally separate from the main airports making it safer, more quiet and away from long queues. 

How many passengers can I fly with?

The amount of people that can fly on a jet varies with the type of private jet you charter. There are over 10 classes of private jets available to us, that ranges from a piston to a Midsized cabin jet up to a Ultra-Long-Range jet, Boeing business jet's offer seats for over 19 passengers and of course a commercial airliner jet makes it perfect for large groups above 25 passengers. Each jet configuration is custom and differs from jet to jet - a Midsize jet for example which is perfect to go say from Miami to New York offers 6-9 passenger depending on configuration and offers plenty luggage space. Want to boost up a few classes? A Ultra-Long-Range jet will offer accommodations up to 14-19 passengers. Need a jet with plenty of seats be sure to contact us for assistance. 

Can my pets fly with me?

Of course! Depending on travel destination some locations will require appropriate documentation and my require vaccines and other health needs to be up to date. For the latest pet updates per each country be sure to email us at for information about pets.

Will there be food on my flight?

Duration of the flight, type of flight and amount of people will be a variable. Most private jets will covering catering up to a certain amount on a 2.5 hour flight that will generally include a sandwich and chip platter or similar. Should you wish for a more lavish meal - ask us and we will provide of course an invoice will be applied to the flight. 

Food will be served on flights of a longer duration, sometimes multiple courses will be offered as well. Coppola Concierge strives to have all preferences of each passenger- we strive to ensure all passengers are happy and all dietary restrictions/allergies are made aware. Your jet broker will be sure to ask about all food preference prior to departure. 

Can I bring food or order a specific food item?

100% yes! Should you wish for a specific item please be sure to tell your broker so they can relay to the flight crew. Should you wish to get take out from your favorite catering company or restaurant you are more than welcome to bring what ever you may want on board. 

What is an empty leg flight?

An empty-leg private jet charter is a flight that is essentially repositioning to its desired location or relocation to its next destination. Empty-leg flights are generally one way and generally last minute, empty-legs don't have as much flexibility as you do when you charter a full jet. Empty-leg flights are run at a much lower cost as the plane will be moving anyways. To look at our empty leg flight be sure to Click Here to see the daily empty-leg jet charters.

Will there be a flight attendant on my flight?

Usually for super light, light and mid-size aircrafts a cabin attendant is not included although, upon request we can certainly make arrangements. For super mid-size jets, heavy jets and ultra-long-range private jets a flight attendant is included unless passengers request to not have a cabin attendant on board.

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