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The Perfect Paloma

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

** Video tutorial below**

Hey there everyone!

Ready to host a dinner party this week or weekend? Taco Tuesday and Thirsty Thursdays are almost here!

Paloma tequila cocktail
The perfect Paloma cocktail

A Paloma is a Mexican cocktail that will satisfy your citrus craving, transport your soul to where the sun sets and the waves crash on a soft, pink sand beach.

Palomas are great for parties, individual use and amazing to pre-make and serve.

Want it a little stronger? Throw an extra shot a Patron silver to light up your evening.

Ready to learn how?

What you need

Glass: Highball or Rocks

(can even serve using a glass with a stem)

JOAT Tip: want to dazzle your guests?

Pre-chill your glasses in the freezer.


Tequilla Silver (My faves are Exotico, Casa Amigos, Patron Silver and Casa Dragones)

Soda water

Fresh Grapefruit (2 Ruby Reds)

Fresh Orange (2 Naval Oranges, Tangerines or Clementines)

Passion Fruit Pulp (Find in the frozen Spanish section of the grocery store)




Juice Prep

- Juice your grapefruit and oranges (keep them separate). Strain the juice after just to ensure all seeds are siphoned out.

- Passion pulp is generally sold frozen, let it defrost and either put in a pitcher or squeeze bottle

(this will last about 3 weeks so don't worry about using it right away).

Mixing the Paloma

Take your glass (chilled or not chilled) and pack them with ice all of the way to the top

- Add 2 shots of your tequila of your choice (if you dig smokey flavors add a half a shot of Mezcal)

- At this point if you're a shaker, you can shake the ice and tequila.

Personally, for this cocktail, I don't shake because the layers look very nice when serving.Dealers choice!

- Add your soda water

(I only add a little bit as I like the fresh juice, if you want more of a "skinny" cocktail, add a lot of soda with just a splash of the juice.)

- To top if off add equal parts grapefruit juice and orange juice.

Searching for that extra flare? Squeeze a quick shot of passion fruit pulp to the top.

- Garnish with mint, (slap it in your hands to open the pores of the mint)

Add a slice of orange and grapefruit

JOAT TIP - take it to the next level, get a blow torch and torch rind of the orange and grapefruit!

-Serve on a tray with a smile and enjoy!

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