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Get to know Jack in 20 Questions: An Exclusive Interview

1. What sparked your passion for formal service?

Discovering the artistry of service began with a memorable experience at a French restaurant called Le Chateau. I was captivated by a small tool called the Crumber. that the waitstaff used to remove crumbs from the tablecloth. Witnessing the attention to detail and elevated service fascinated me, leading me on a path to becoming a trained butler. In today's world, exceptional service is becoming rare, which is why I'm drawn to it.

2. How did your love for boats develop? My fascination with boats started during a visit to a boat show in Connecticut with my father. The sight of the shiny, colorful boats of various types ignited my passion. Our family eventually acquired a Cobalt boat, which brought us lots of family memories. Shortly after, I obtained my boaters and PWC license, which further solidified my connection to the water. I've been operating boats ever since.

Jack lounges on the bow.
Jack lounges on the bow.

3. Overcoming fear: Were you ever afraid of flying? Growing up, I had an irrational fear of flying, perhaps influenced by the TV show LOST. However, as I grew older, my fascination with private jets and flight simulators helped me conquer my fear. The allure of soaring through the skies and exploring new destinations allowed me to embrace the thrill of flying.

4. Did you pursue higher education?

No, I didn't attend college, and I even missed my high school graduation due to work commitments in Los Angeles. As a visual and hands-on learner, traditional schooling didn't resonate with me. Only art and photography classes sparked my interest. I applied to The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale primarily because of my desire to live in Florida, but I wasn't enthusiastic about the offered courses. One of my high school classes assigned us homework to apply to another college, but a pair of red suede Gucci loafers caught my eye. So, I submitted the Gucci receipt instead. The teacher didn't find it funny.

5. How did you acquire your culinary skills?

I come from a big family of cooks. The Kitchen was a hub of activity. Everything was about the food and desserts. I would sit at the kitchen counter with my books open and observe what was going on. My mom assigned me tasks like peeling onions, garlic, and on occasion would enlist me in breading chicken cutlets. By 4th grade, I had knife skills and knew how to light the grill. There was even one evening when my parents went out and she left two filet mignon and a French au poivre sauce. She told me how to heat the sauce (slow so it did not break). She instructed me how to grill the raw filet mignon. I aced it. From that moment on I explored cooking as a passion. This exposure sparked a passion for cooking that eventually led me to work as a yacht chef, wowing guests with my culinary creations.

6. What do you do for fun?

I love hosting dinner parties, relaxing and traveling to local destinations. Ever jet ski down to the Bahamas before?

7. What is your favorite color?

I find both blue and green incredibly calming and peaceful. They evoke a sense of tranquility, just like the blue sky or the merging hues of water. Interestingly, my eyes also reflect these colors, varying depending on the day.

8 What is your favorite designer brand?

It depends on the category! Right now, I am obsessed with a store called Eleventy— they have fantastic mens trousers, polos, and mens jackets for not a bad price ($795 - $1,400) amazing fit with fun chic European styles that hug your body. Orlebar Brown for all swimwear and pool/ beach attire. Louboutin for shoes. Persol and Bottega Veneta for eyewear. Louis Vuitton, Bottega and Araldi 1930 for bags, the list goes on! Recently, I have also explored seamstresses around the world to help make my own custom clothing to develop my own personal fashion.

9. What do you carry on you at all times?

LIP Balm!!!! Ha, Jack Black Lip Balm, with natural mint to be specific. This small blue tube is in every single car (front seat and back seat) in every bag, at every end table and in every vanity in my house. There is nothing worse than crusty, dry lips. It even has 25 SPF for extra protection.

10. What do you love about cars?

Cars, to me, are like accessories that can enhance my energy and complete my outfit. Each car possesses its own personality. Sports cars exude aggression and power, while luxury cars like Maybach or Rolls Royce convey elegance and serenity. Some days, I seek a quiet ride in a luxurious cruiser, away from the world's distractions, while on other days, I crave the adrenaline rush of a high-horsepower convertible, blasting music to match my energy.

Jack behind the wheel of a Ferrari
Jack behind the wheel of a Ferrari

11. Why do you like living in South Florida?

South Florida is like paradise. I wake up to birds, swaying green palm trees and sunshine. Every morning I am motivated to get up and move. People are out and things are always happening. Everything that I do is close. I enjoy not being in the car for 45 minutes every time I step in. We also have some fantastic local farms, which support farm to table grocery stores. There is high-end shopping, cute boutiques and most importantly there are 3 major airports in my vicinity that can get me anywhere in the world.

12. When did you begin to travel?

My sister and I always traveled as kids. Together we would fly to see our grandparents in Florida. We were also very fortunate to travel overseas a few times too. I always enjoyed seeing new places, faces and exploring new cultures. When I traveled more after High School, I realized that every trip brought me new lessons. Lessons that couldn't be taught in school.

13. When you're on the road, how do you stay grounded?

Maintaining a routine is key for me to combat jet lag and quickly adjust to new environments. A work trip requires using different parts of my brain for planning and strategizing, which can be mentally exhausting. Plus being around new people and different energies only adds to that stress. While on charters, I do enjoy exploring with the crew and guests, but I also cherish quiet evenings when I can take myself out to dinner and retire early to recharge. It's essential to remember that you don't always have to be the life of the party and seize every opportunity to socialize.

14. What's your favorite aspect when throwing a party?

Table decor and cocktails of course. DUH! I also love a theme. Especially if it is something random like a jungle-themed party or polka-dotted pool party! Cute menus add an extra touch too. A good way to measure the décor is if it Instagramable! I find joy in bringing together diverse individuals, encouraging connections, and witnessing meaningful interactions among guests. Life is all about connection.

Finely set table on a yacht in Jamaica
Finely set table on a yacht in St. Thomas

15. What is your go-to way to relax?

I love to hang by the pool in the sun listening to music— that is one of my favorite things to do. I listen to chill, instrumental music. My dad calls it "spa" music. I am trying to get into reading, but my attention span isn't there yet.

16. Where does your confidence come from?

Someone once told me to never lose your inner child. I am a firm believer in that because as kid you really aren't affected by the world yet, you show your true colors. I have always embraced being the bright vibrant young kid that wants to stand out. Many people lose their sense of self as they mature, but I've chosen to retain my boldness and bravery. Confidence is a mindset, and I present myself to the world the way I want to be seen.

17. You have your hands full— how do you keep everything going?

Having my hands full energizes me. I thrive when fully engaged, ensuring every minute is accounted for. Juggling multiple tasks keeps me focused and sharp, which leaves no room for complacency. A busy schedule also keeps one out of trouble. I find great satisfaction in accomplishing numerous tasks and celebrating their success. As my career has progressed, I've been able to build a strong, like-minded team that has been crucial in supporting my business. I'm grateful for their collaboration, as we achieve more together.

18. What empowered you to build Coppola Concierge at such a young age?

First, I started Coppola Concierge as an LLC: a more formal way to invoice people and for tax purposes. Then I realized I could provide a luxury service as the one-stop-shop for ultra-high net worth individuals that needed to charter jets, charter yachts, manage their estates. There are many trust issues in finding the right person for the job, so why not trust one person to handle it all. That’s where Coppola Concierge comes in. Our team is trustworthy, discreet and have a high-level of client confidentiality. Once we learn more about the client the more, we can intuitively plan and have every preference met before being asked.

19. In 5 years, what comes next for you?

5 years is pretty far out. A lot can happen. Right now, I am focusing more on my blog and expanding my social media to help reach like-minded individuals. We just set out on this new road and have a lot of milestones that we need to hit. However, I can confidently say my official TV debut is coming soon to Paramount+. So maybe some more reality TV opportunities?

20. What is your favorite self-care routine?

It took me 28 years to realize the importance of protecting my skin from the sun. I love getting regular facials to help combat all the damage I have incurred in my life. One of my favorite places is Inspire Surgery Center in Delray Beach. Not only do they have a fantastic Medi spa for derma fillers, botox and facials, but it's super relaxing. The friendly staff treats me like family, and recently I've been exploring laser facials to address sun damage.


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