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Breaking into Estate Management—Staffing Agencies & Resume Tips

Updated: May 30, 2023

Staffing Agencies

Similar to Yachting, there are staffing agencies dedicated to Estate Management in the U.S and throughout the world.

Estate manager in palm beach
Jack Coppola at his finest managing large houses

Each website will prompt you to fill out their version of a candidate registration form. Not only does this include asking for the files listed above, but it will also incorporate background checks, background verifications and even questionnaires. This is all before you're even considered a candidate. Please be prepared to spend time on these and not rush.

Be aware that once you are approved as a candidate some agencies might cold call you to put you on the spot with hypothetical situations that could arise during service. Stay calm, remember your training and answer with confidence and eloquence.

Agencies Based in U.S.A

Requirements, if you're working on U.S soil you must have a US passport and/or Green Card or other appropriate working visas.

Agencies Based in London

London agencies provide better solutions and placements for international workers, including those who do not have a US passport/ working visa.

**Another warning—Staffing agencies do take a percentage of your salary so there is urgency for them to place you. If you are not set up with a living situation or means of transportation the expedited process could pose an issue for you.

Prep Before Applying

It's important to be prepared before registering with a staffing agency. Please be sure to have all of the following items ready:

  • CV—I personally include everything that I have ever done on my resume. I see every experience as an opportunity that has shaped me into the service-oriented person that I am today. You never know what might stick out to an owner. Maybe you went to barber school and they want an in-house barber to handle their hair care. You never know.

If you'd prefer to hire a writer to help, I recommend La Sush Communications. Let her know you found her contact through me and you'll get 5% off your first writing service.

  • Cover Letter

  • References (at least 3)

  • Bio— a brief three to five sentence description that captures your essence and serves as your introduction. Think of this as your elevator pitch. The bio must be written in the third person. Here is mine as an example—  At a young age Jack's passion for the finer things in life helped shaped his future.With experience in luxury travel and bespoke hospitality, Jack has curated his unique skillset through his work as a Private Jet Flight Attendant, Yacht Stew, Event Planner and formal Butler training. As an entrepreneur Jack created two companies, Coppola Concierge and Coppola House Concierge, to bring high-end service to Estate Management while also providing exclusive Yacht, Jet and Travel experiences. Jack delegates to his tight-knit team and manages any request from the client in an effortless, confidential and professional manner. His close attention to detail ensures that the job is always taken care of with the client's preferences in mind.

  • Portfolio— This is a collection of your work that includes pictures, images and short descriptions. If you're a chef include menus, images of your food plated to perfection. If you're a Steward or Stewardess show off your signature cocktails, cocktail menus, special napkin folds and service items that only you can do. If you're a laundress share a stain before and after photo to prove that no mess can stand against you!

Make yourself hire-able!

As an estate manager you will need to know how to set a perfect dinner table!
A proper way to set a table for a dinner party!


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