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A private jet offers not only on demand travel but safety, efficiency, added security and of course luxury. Are you the busy CEO or COO flying all over the world, waiting in airport and dealing with lost baggage and delays? Perhaps the day of owning a private jet is here. Talk to an expert consultant about what will be fit for you - be sure to ask about brands such as Gulfstream, Dassault, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier and Textron (Cessna and Beechcraft.)

Image by Macau Photo Agency

You may be asking, is owning my own private jet fit for me? Well ask your self this, do you fly more than 200 hours per year? Do you have the funds to pay for the fuel, crew, management company, hangar and other expenses affiliated?Are you in need of a big tax write off and ready to write off the depreciation of the aircraft? These are all things that Coppola Concierge will discuss when we start the airplane buying process. Our Jet sales are available world wide and of course at your conveneince

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