Yacht Sales 

Coppola Concierge is proud to offer yacht sales as one of our many services. The Concierge team offers a twist when it comes to new yacht sales, used yachts for sale and leasing. Jack, our elite partnership with Allenby & Associates  brings an experience and knowledge from working on board yachts of all sizes - Jack informs his clients about the various expenses applied to owning a yacht, he explains the benefits of having your yacht for charter verses private. Jack and his team not only finds you the perfect yacht, but ensures the yacht has been properly maintained, is in running condition, will outfit the yacht to your standard, hire the crew and can train the crew based on your needs and wants. Owning a yacht is a spectacular privilege and is an escape for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Welcome to the concierge of yacht sales. 

Already own a yacht and wish to sell? Contact us to list your boat, we will ensure we evaluate your yacht at the proper market value, we will ensure for an easy and fluid sale. 

Have more questions about owning a yacht? Contact us as we can guide you through the process, send you listings and schedule viewings. 


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all Yacht's globally

Yachts come in all sizes, shapes and forms- do you like to go fast? Do you prefer to sail  the coast of Capri or do you like to drive the boat and have assistance of a few crew members?  Many yacht manufacturers are creating new chic and modern yachts offering very unique new flares to each yacht, new yachts for sale offer the latest technology and well designed interiors. The concierge team has over thousands of used yachts across the world at your service. Enjoy boats from 35 feet up to 500 feet, Coppola Concierge will discuss your goals on board a super yacht and will narrow down the search making this an easy and stress free buy.

The Process of a yacht sale

We have something to suite every new yacht owner. Contact us and let's chat about the needs and wants you look for on a new yacht or a used luxury yacht. A super yacht is to bring you peace and relaxation- the Concierge team will ensure you are at comfort 24/7. We take buying a yacht very seriously, we look strive for safety and ensure we offer nothing but the best for you while purchasing a yacht. Yachts are for sale all over the world- should we need to travel to a destination to close or to view a vessel, our in house private jet brokering will accommodate. Contact us about your new yacht needs.

Sell your yacht

Already own a yacht and looking to sell or upgrade?

Allow us to come in and give you a complimentary evaluation on the value of your yacht. Jack, our in house broker will provide you with nothing but the best of service. We accept all yacht brands, years, models and locations. Get in touch with us and see what your yacht is worth. We are here for an easy, pain free simple process. 

Super yacht cruising in the ocean