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Luxury Yachts
for Sale

Yacht Concierge, part of the Allenby & Associates family we are here to provide a large fleet of yachts to tailor your needs. Allow us to explain the purchasing process and have us there every step of the way. Wish to sell your yacht? We are happy to assist no matter where the boat is located. Our in house experts will provide a top notch evaluation giving you the best price for your yacht. Our new and innovative marketing techniques will have your yacht sold in no time. 

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Luxury Yachts
for Charter

Holidays, special events even business meetings, a yacht charter can provide all of the above and much more. Enjoy a stress free highly detailed vacation with Yacht Concierge. Travel multiple islands with friends and family, enjoy unique experiences on board and many activities. Have you cruised the Amalfi coast or The Bahamas? Be sure to ask about our unique charter experiences which come with private jet travel to and from your desired destination.

Yacht Outfitting

Once you buy the yacht the process is not over just yet. Yacht concierge partnered with Palm Bungalow takes a very unique approach after a yacht sale. We sit down and discuss design, flow, preferences and design your yacht to your liking. Brans such as Yves Delorme, Matouk, Riedel, Down Inc, Christoffle, Baccarat and Hermes are all favorites and partners in the outfitting process. Enjoy a chic, comfortable design from Palm Bungalow. Enjoy complimentary consultations in our yacht design process. 

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Proud Partner 
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VanDutch, a luxury yacht built in Italy offering 4 stunning models for your yachting needs. The VanDutch yacht is known for its sleek sexy appearance on the water and space. Proud partners with Coppola Concierge we offer Leasing, Hourly memberships, sales and charters on board the VanDutch. Areas of service are as followed: Florida and the Hamptons. Click here to email for further information. 

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