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So You Want to Get Into Yachting? A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

A little birdie told me you are eager to break into the world of Yachting.

Well, before we dive into it I want to pose some questions for you to ponder.

Why do you feel a pull to yachting?

Are you passionate about boats, the ocean, traveling, or service?

Are you looking to make a quick dime?

Are you prone to sea/motion sickness?

What do you know about this industry?

Are you willing to learn and work alongside a team?

What skills do you have that make you unique for this industry? Are you confident in them?

Do you already have answers to these questions? Or maybe you have some research and contemplation to do?

Wherever you're at is perfectly perfect. Each person has a different drive and experience.

Let's get into the basics of the course you need to take in order to become certified to work on Yachts.


- Must be 18 years or older

- $900

- SWTC Basic Safety Training Week

(basic safety training you need to get on a boat)

SWTC Course Locations:


Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States of America**the yachting capital of the world

St. Petersburg, Florida, United States of America

Jacksonville, United States of America

Dania Beach, United States of America

Charleston, United States of America

Applying for the Jobs

Crew Placing Agencies and Facebook Groups are the main way that jobs are posted for the Yachting industry.

Yacht Crew Placing Agencies

Facebook Groups:

Crew and Captain (exchange)

Freelance Yacht Crew

Fort Lauderdale and Miami yacht Crew

The Rybo Clan

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew

Nassau Bahamas Yacht Crew

Stew Wanted

Miami Yacht Crew

World Yacht Charter Group

Yacht Chef Freelance & Temp Jobs

The Mega Yacht Industry

Just 4 Crew

IGY Marina in the Caribbean

Yacht Stew Jobs

Yacht Crews

Daywork 123

Fort Lauderdale Yachties

World Wide Yacht Crew Jobs

Yacht Concierge

Caribbean Sailing Crew

Sailing Crew Finders Whole World Long Sailing Regatta

Yacht Jobs

The Yacht Club US East Coast

Sailboat Crew Finder World Wide

Yacht Crew Wanted

The Crew Circle

So there you have it! The first step to get into yachting is to get certified and begin the placement process. I know you may have more questions, so don't you worry, I will have more resources for you that will cover:

- how to build a proper CV

- Is ENG1 necessary?

- I got certified, now what? Preparing for your first job.

If you have any other questions about yachting make sure you leave me a comment. I want to help you along your journey into this aquatic life.

And remember there is something that makes you different from anyone else in the yachting industry. It is up to you to believe in yourself, to put in the work and to bring your unique skillset to this maritime world. Don't ever doubt yourself, there isn't time for that, we have work to do.



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