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Smart Home Systems: Jack's Take

Updated: May 22, 2023

Now that 2022 is here, it’s time for some new updates to your estates!

With the increasing power of technology, smart home systems are becoming more popular, and more people are becoming familiar to the changes. Having a fully integrated smart home provides different outstanding benefits.

The top benefit that I believe comes from smart home systems is the power of security. If you are away from home, having access to either security cameras, alarm systems, and locks will give you a sense of relief. With the power of your smartphone, you can access all these things and choose to make changes whether it be arming or disarming, locking or unlocking, and simply just your properties.

Another benefit of smart home systems is the numerous different accessories you can have just for personal use. These accessories also make living way simpler and more convenient. Smart home accessories can be sprinklers, air conditioners, faucets, garages, routers, and just about anything you can think of. The extensive list allows anybody to smarten up their home and actually saves you a lot of time. Almost all smart accessories can be accessed through smartphones or tables.

Our Top Smart Home Systems: 

1. Crestron Home

Crestron Home is one of the most advanced home security systems. They offer numerous different functions that allow you to rest assured you and your properties are secure. Crestron can be accessed through multiple different sources: your iPhone, on the wall, on the counter, or on the couch. This makes it extremely convenient for users to control their home in every room of their property. One really cool accessory that Crestron makes is the Tabletop Touch Screen. This stylish tabletop touch screen allows you to access just about everything in your home whether it be the lights, your thermostat, music, and much more. Crestron also has created keypads, dimmers, and switches that allow you to access lighting, shades, and volume. With these installed, you can access everything on your personal electronic devices. My favorite function that Crestron offers is the feature where you can change settings with just a touch of a button. For example, if you are having friends over for a dinner event you can select "party". If you are going to bed you can press "sleep". The home system will configure to your desired selections and adjust to fit every mood. If you are looking for a more updated and advanced system, Crestron is the way to go.

2. Savant

The Savant Home is another well-developed smart home system that offers different products for everybody. These products include whole home audio, home theater, speakers, smart lighting, motorized shades, climate control, pro remote, hosts & controllers, and door entry & security. Similar to Crestron you can adjust your smart home system to adjust to anytime of the day. For example, when you first wake up in the morning you can control the shades to rise, put on your favorite song, and adjust the heating. Another example is when you leave the house, you can select "away" which will arm and secure your property, turn off the lights, and more. With Savant, you are guaranteed to get things done faster and reduce your time worrying. Although Savant offers different devices, savant is accessed through an app, where you are able to make adjustments and keep an eye on anything. If you are looking for a smart home system that is controlled from one singular app, this is your way to go.

These two different smart home systems would make living way easier. But, there are also some cons as well. What happens if you lose WiFi? What happens if you lose power? These systems solely function on being connected to your WiFi. If you do happen to lose power or lose WiFi you cannot guarantee your home is properly secured and safe. This is why it is extremely important to have somebody able to keep a close eye on your properties at all times or if this was to happen.

It's all a matter of preference, but I personally believe that integrating your home into a smart home is 100% worth the investment. Yeah it may be a little pricey for some accessories and some home security systems, but it offers a different level of protection and saves you a lot of time. With the wide array of products you can pick from, you can find the best devices that fit your exact needs.


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