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Jetset in Style— Jack's Top 3 Luggage Brands

Traveling is one of my favorite things, I've founded my entire business based off of my love for travel. After a short weekend trip to Vail, Colorado I wanted to share my go-to luggage brands to help you with all the exciting trips you have yet to plan for this year. Of course packing is one of the first things that comes to mind and we will get there. Let's not put the chicken before the egg. Before you pack you need a reliable, multi-functional and chic suitcase.

My Favorite Luggage Brands

Investing into a nice bag is a commitment, but if you are serious about adventure you will want to travel efficiently and keep your belongings protected. Plus, if you invest money initially that eliminates bag malfunctions and having to buy replacements.

Maybe you don't have a significant other to leverage their body weight so you can zip the zipper, and honey that's okay. My go-to brands include Rimowa, Tumi and Away They are all hard-shelled suitcases rotating wheels, which is also my preference.

For me, the top considerations when it comes to luggage is— 

  • Do you want all 4 wheels to spin?

  • Do you tend to over pack and depend on expansion?

  • Do you like a wide open space or prefer to compartmentalize?

Rimowa is like the Rolls Royce of bags. Join the elite group of jetsetters with this stunning yet functional bag. Their site is pretty intuitive actually. They inform you how many outfits can fit in them to help you gauge which size is best for you. The suitcases have a mesh divider on either side to keep your items secure, there is even a TSA-approved lock on the outer side so even if your bag is misplaced your belongings will be safe.

I use the Check-In L, which is made from aluminum with the distinctive Rimowa grooves, 'regarded as one of the most iconic luggage designs of all time' according to their site.

Their outer shells are either made from Aluminum or Polycarbonate making the suitcases suitcase extremely durable, but if you tend to overpack go for the Polycarbonate ones, they are 30% less heavy and help manage that 50lb weight restriction. It is worth nothing there are no expanding these suitcases... so if that's your struggle I'd suggest against this one. Since it is the Rolls Royce of bag there is a hefty price tag associated, but you won't be sorry.

Tumi is the perfect middle ground. The brand still offers modern colors and unique textures on their hard-shelled and fabric cases. Their Polycarbonate shell is recycled, which might be a selling point for some. This bag also has front pockets and various zippers to fun and exciting storage pockets. Inside there are dividers between sides, TSA lock, a telescopic handle, but this bag does offer zipper expansion— exciting isn't it? On their website they also organize their bag by your type of trip. If something breaks... Tumi services bags directly and offer great warranties as well.

Away is a great affordable advanced travel bag for the beginner. I use 'The Carry-On' it's perfect as a ... you guessed it, carry on! This brand offers a wide range of bags in between $100 and $800. There are fun colors, they are made to last, they are easy to clean and the wheels hold up well. Their materials include polycarbonate, aluminum and water- resistant nylon. They also have a lightweight shell, with interior compression, 360 wheels and a TSA combination lock, plus some have zipper extension and others include battery packs. They also have a 100- day trial period, if you return within that period you get your money back. Limited time warranties are also available.

Stay tuned for more packing tips and tricks!


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