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Fly Safe, Fly Private

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

In the wake of COVID-19 each of us are adjusting with the times. A lot of you maybe wondering, what does flying look like now?

What I can tell you is commercial airlines have decreased the amount of flights they offer. In doing so, many nonstop routes have been eliminated, forcing travelers to make connections that come with long layover times. On the plane drink and snack service has been suspended, and there are even limitations on the bathrooms.

While each airline is doing their part to ensure a safe flying experience, what if I told you there was another way you haven’t thought about. Then I would tell you how it would be to charter a private jet.

Flying private provides amenities you and your guests only dreamed were possible. Imagine pulling your car up to your plane 10 minutes before departure time. You will skip the TSA line and avoid contact with other travelers by heading directly to the tarmac. No need to worry about parking as the ground crew will clean and store it in the garage while you’re away. After you climb the jet stairs a private steward or stewardess will greet your party.

Before you arrived the flight attendant pre-sanitized the whole plane. Throughout the flight he or she will wear a mask while also maintaining a safe distance. You will be served a feast of catered food and enjoy a beverage service of your choosing. The entire menu has been crafted with your likes in mind, any and all food requests have been fulfilled. As you float above the clouds there is no need to stress about the air within the cabin because private jets do not use recycled air. Instead each passenger will feel solace as they breathe in fresh air pumped in from outside throughout the flight.

If the world is changing, we need to change with it. Coppola Concierge is here to provide you a bespoke flying experience. Contact us now to discuss your travel plans and get your quote today.


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