Palm Beach, FL

Services We Offer

Flight Attendant

$650 Per Day

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Coppola Concierge offers our clients a VIP service on board corporate aircrafts of all sizes. Private family flights or charter your bespoke preferences will exceed expectation along with flawless 5 star service.


Inflight Chef

All elite VIP flight attendants have exceptional culinary skills. Coppola Concierge is your ticket to the best that life has to offer. With this service, your dietary requirements stay the same while traveling. Our inflight team ensures to provide organic, healthy fulfilling meals to accommodate while staying in budget providing you an exceptional value.

 Interior Aircraft Management


Coppola Concierge is here to provide all of our clients an unsurpassed range of concierge and luxury lifestyle management solutions. This specific service is designed to create fluidity on your aircraft while implimenting checklists, budget material, inventory/ stock sheets and transitioning to organic cleaning products. This service is here to enhance your life! Curious to find out how you can book this service or any of our other outstanding services? Get in touch with us today.


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