Yacht Charter
Frequently Asked Questions 

Coppola Concierge takes a unique twist to chartering a yacht, Jack our in house broker has worked many charters and understands how to executive a perfect vacation for you. Not only can we provide you with a yacht but we also arrange for your private jet travel from your current destination to the yacht. No details go eunmissed, we strive for perfection, clear communication and ensure that the crew of the yacht is filled in 24/7 on your behalf. Contact us about a yacht charter, we are here at your service to provide nothing but the best. Read through about a yacht charter, there are many questions and we always get asked what APA is, or what taxes get added to a trip. Contact us for additional details or bookings.

What exactly is a charter agreement? 

After communicating and narrowing down a yacht based on availability, location and your needs and wants on board. Coppola Concierge will send you a standard MYBA charter agreement for your signature, should you wish to depart the states on an American flagged vessel- local tax will be applied to your charter rate. Joining a boat in foreign waters may incur VAT tax and local cruising taxes if applicable, all taxes and fees will be applied in the contract. 

What is the value?

Depending on the timing of the yacht charter a standard 50% deposit sent by wire to the broker is due upon signing the MYBA charter contract. In last minute dealings some brokers may ask for a credit card hold until the wire clears the account. The remaining 50% among all of the other fees, taxes and APA must be paid with in 5 days of the trip commencing. If a credit card hold was placed the hold will be reimbursed after the trip is complete.

What is I am paying by Cryptocurrency?

If the yacht charter is to be paid by Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin or other coins) the crypto yacht charter must be paid in full upon signing the contract. If you are involved in Cryptocurrency you will know that the coins can change value rather quick and we can not waste any time. 

What if there is left over coins on my trip?

If you do not use all of the APA on our crypto yacht charter you have an option to convert it to Fiat or to be paid back in the coin of your choice. 

What expenses are involved in a yacht charter?

APA is a term many ask about, you see it on charter agreements and many don't know what it is. APA other wise known as Advanced Provisioning Allowance is a percentage of the charter value. APA covers your expenses while on board which includes and is not limited to fuel, oil lubricants, delivery fees, liquor, spirits, soft drinks, food provisions, possible entertainment on board, shore excursions, dockage, gratuity for dock hands and other marina personnel, water and electricity while at a marina, wifi charges, and other expenses affiliated with the charter. 

APA is generally wired and apart of the MYBA contract, the APA is generally 20-35% of the charter rate- it can carry based upon charter guest requests, if the guests are requesting caviar and Dom every day as well as Nikki beach reservations, on board entertainment and many shore excursions the APA percent will increase to cover the expenses.

What if there is left over APA? 

Charter guests have the option to leave the left over APA for the crew as an extra gratuity or upon request the broker can wire the money back to the client. All APA funds are recorded by the crew and a summary will be provided to the client at the end of the trip. 

The Details of a Butler

Now there is where things get fun! The preferences is where the concierge team thrives. Yes, now it is all about you! Your preferences is how the trip becomes amazing, we care about what kind of phone you have, what time you wake up, how you like your coffee, what dietary restrictions you have, how adventurous your palette is, where you wish to cruise, the activities you wish to do and much more. 

Once the contract is signed a Concierge team member will call all guests of the trip and will take down all their details to make your trip beyond perfect. It is 100% necessary for the broker and crew to understand all allergies and any medical concerns that one may have. The detailed questionnaire sheet will provide the crew with all of your needs and wants, ensuring you have all that you could ever want on board the yacht. 

Stay tuned to our new preference sheet system.

What about crew gratuities?

Crew gratuities are strongly suggested, the crew works very hard to keep the vessel clean, provisions for your trip, works holidays, ensure the guests and yacht are safe, provide a true one of a kind experience and they will go above and beyond to ensure you have a flawless trip. With Coppola Concierge we can work the crew gratuity into the contract- the broker can pay it after the trip on your behalf. 


Gratuities can be at your discretion and generally are 15-20% of the charter fee. Should you wish to leave a custom tip based on your experience provided by the crew, you are more than welcome to leave cash with the captain at the end of the trip.

Your gratuity goes to the crew as a special thanks to the culinary team, housekeeping crew, service stewardesses, deck guys and engineering team. 

The crew appreciates you!

What water toys are included?

Most charter yachts come equipped with many water toys, the list includes and is not limited to wave runners, tubes, sea bobs, paddle boards, slides, swimming pools, hot tubs, floating docks, trampolines, scuba equipment, snorkel gear, work out equipment and more. 

If the equipment is listed on the yachts water toy list but not on board, the owner has ultimate decision to allow the charter guest to use the equipment. 

Jet skis and wave runners may be restricted in some areas and in certain waters, our in house broker will inform you if you charter a yacht in restricted waters not allowing use of water toys. 

Is insurance included on a yacht charter?

Many charter guest ask about extra insurance. 
Coppola Concierge strongly recommends that you purchase insurance to cover your holiday. Yes things do happen and it is smart If you have the protection. 

Cancelation and Curtailment insurance are of the two most famous for yacht charters. In additional all members of the charter should be covered by personal accident and medical insurance.

Other insurance such as Charterer's liability insurance are available for purchase and can be added to the contract. Ask your broker for additional details about charter insurance. 

Charter Rates

Yacht charter rates are based on a weekly (7) day term. Charters over 7 days are prorated on behalf of the daily rate of the yacht. Yacht charters less than 7 days are generally prorated but attract a higher rate. Most yachts have a minimum of 7 days but ask your broker as some boats are offering charters less than 7 days based on the global events.

High season VS low season. 

High seasons include Christmas and New Years, July 4th, August, specialty weekends and certain holidays.

Low season is generally around October time right before Christmas and some months in spring. Prices will vary during high and low season. 

Charter Term

Charter rates are based on the MYBA term and contract. The MYBA contract implies that the commission is added in with all necessary equipment, the vessel is properly crewed, insured and the wages/food, clothing of the crew is paid by the owner.

All other operating expense of the yacht in the term of the charter are charged to the charter guest- these charges include but are not restricted to fuel, lubricating oils for the mother ship and tenders/wave runners, local taxes, local cruising charges, pilotages fees, immigration fees, custom fees, harbor and marina fees, water/electricity, personal laundry, shore excursions, all provisions for both the crew and guests, spirits, soft drinks, wines and other consumables, shore excursions, internet charges and additional satellite charges. 

Do note all yachts are different and some programs may offer all of the following into their charter package. Our broker will disclose what is included any our yacht charter. Some yachts are not legal to charter in the USA your yacht broker will inform you and will ensure the lag matters of chartering a yacht have been met upon your boarding. 

VAT & Taxes

Taxes and Value Added taxes will be added to select charters. Of course VAT and taxes vary from boat to boat, there are many considerations concerting where the yacht is registered to and the location of pick up. 

In Europe there is a Vale Added Tax (VAT) added to all charters, of course each country has a different tax amount. The European Union tax legislation adds a VAT onto the charter fee and delivery costs for a charter commencing in European waters.

Local taxes may apply in addition to the VAT - our brokers will disclose and inform you on all taxes added onto the trip.

What is MYBA

MYBA the Worldwide Yachting Association is an international renowned professional organization founded back in 1984 whose members are involved in all levels of the yachting industry. Members of MYBA are widely represented in all fields of brokerage, sales, charter, technical management and construction of large yachts.