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Captain Crew

Our exclusive subscription based Whats App groups of captains and other crew are at your finger tips. Enjoy multiple groups filled with hundreds of crew all around the world right at your finger tips. In need of a captain? Or if you are the captain looking for a job, this group is for you. Already on a boat and need other crew?join our Deck group, Interior group, Galley group and Engineering group. Our groups are filled with crew looking for full time work, part time work, deliveries, daywork and more. 

The Captain "Silent" Whats App group

The subscription based slack group will include: 

Captains qualified for US flagged boats, Foreign captains eligible for foreign flagged boats, qualified captains with engineering background and the ability to communicate directly with other captains. 

This group is also perfect for brokers undergoing a sale of a boat and needing a captain for when the sale is finalized. Looking for crew? Join our holy grail group and receive access to our interior team, deck crew, galley crew and engineering crew. 

Group Value per month: $3.00/ Month 

Value to join ALL groups (Engineering, galley, USA/EURO/Main Interior & USA/ Main deck) $18.00/month

All subscriptions are 1 month long and will auto renew, if you find your crew, job or your goal you may remove yourself or keep in the group. 

Group Rules

The group rules are as followed: The "Silent" refers to not responding back to the post IN the group, simply press and hold on the message and respond directly to the person posting or the email or number given. There are numbers from all over the place and notifications can be limited. If someone asks a resource question you may respond direct but keep it short and sweet. The group admin will oversee and will not tolerate conversation in the group. We automatically remove/cancel the subscription if there is any hate speech, discrimination, negative comments and excessive conversation. 

Image by Jessica Pamp

Captain Group only 

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